Response to Intervention (RtI) at Allegan Public Schools

   District Vision for RtI

The Four C's of RtI
Collaborative Culture 
A shared belief that the primary responsibility of each member of the organization is to ensure high levels of learning for every child.

Thinking is guided by the question: Why are we here? 

Concentrated Instruction   Allegan Public Essential Standards
A systematic process of identifying essential knowledge and skills that all students must master to learn at high levels, and determining the specific learning needs for each child to get there.

Thinking is guided by the question: Where do we need to go? 

Convergent Assessment  (Common Formative Assessments)
An ongoing process of collectively analyzing targeted evidence to determine the specific learning needs of each child and the effectiveness of the instruction the child receives in meeting these needs.

Thinking is guided by the question: Where are we now? 

Certain Access:  
How will we ensure students are getting what they need?
A systematic process that guarantees every student will receive the time and support needed to learn at high levels. Thinking is guided by the question: How do we get every child there?