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Message from the Director

Allegan Online is a virtual school designed to assist the student in continuing his/her education when, for a variety of reasons, the traditional school doesn’t work for that student.  The Online School will allow the student to work at his/her own pace on just two classes at a time to maximize focus.  The Online curriculum is accessible where WiFi is available; this allows the student to work at different places and different times other than a traditional school day. The Online School has two classrooms with extended lab times supervised by certified teachers that assist students in note-taking, understanding curriculum, and encouraging progress.


 Brenda Nyhof

The Online School can be attended for a short time or for the duration of 9th -12th grade. High school credits earned will apply toward an Allegan Public School diploma. Allegan Online is just one more option Allegan Public Schools offers so all of our students can be successful and achieve excellence on their pathway to success.

Mission Statement

 Logo A Pathway to Success

The mission of Allegan Online is to provide a free, high quality, personalized option for students who cannot or will not attend a traditional school.   This is a local program that gives students a chance to continue their education towards an Allegan Public School Diploma. 



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