Mike Zimmer

Mike Zimmer
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BiographyThis will be my third year teaching Social Studies at L.E. White. I am a graduate of Western Michigan University where I completed my Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education, with both a Social Studies and History endorsement. When I am not at school, I enjoy spending time outdoors, playing music, and restoring and enjoying antique cars and motorcycles. I currently live in Allegan with my wife, and my two dogs, Eddison and Eleanor.  

Classes and Essential Standards

I ensure high levels of learning for all students using these essential standards as my guide:

6th Grade Social Studies

  • Students can  describe and discuss the Five Themes of Geography.
  • Students can use  maps that includes a map key, compass rose, and scale.
  • Students can describe the opportunities and obstacles of various landforms on the Earth.
  • Students can describe where people are and why they are there.
  • Students can explain how the environment is positively and negatively affected by changes in technology. ie, mining, forestry, hydroelectric power,snowmobiles, cell phones.
  • Students can identify ways that humans change the physical environment.
  • Students can diagram or map the movement of a consumer product from where it was manufactured to where it was sold
  • Students can explain the geopolitical relationships between countries.