Specialized Instruction

S.L.D Determination Process pdf

Students, ages 2.5 through 26 years of age, which are enrolled in Allegan Public Schools and are eligible for special services, have several options for their education. 

Through collaboration with the Allegan Educational Service Agency, (AAESA) and Allegan Public Schools, (APS), there are programs and services to meet the needs of our special needs population.  Our goal is to service all of the special needs students in the general education classroom with positive supports and accommodations to further their educational career. 

A student is identified through a process of screening, observation, and testing after research of educationally pertinent data is completed,(REED).  An individual educational plan, (IEP), is developed with parents/guardians, students, professional staff, administrators and any other persons with information on a particular student. This team, (IEPT), develops an educational program that meets the needs of the student.  Allegan County delivers programming through a Levels System rather than looking at a student’s disability “qualifier”, to provide the most appropriate programming and services to meet each student’s educational needs.

Our professional staff look forward to working with caregivers of an enrolled student to support the best research-based education for that child.


Tasha Frigmanski
Special Education 
Assistant Director
(ext. 3031)

Mindy Sturman
Mindy Sturman
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