Bullying Program

Here at L.E. White Middle School we define Bullying as ...

a deliberate or an unintentional hurtful behavior (i.e. sarcasm, taunting, gossip) that is repeated over a period of time that physically, verbally, or indirectly hurts another person.

Such Behavior is not tolerated in our school and we as the counseling department are taking preventive measures to head off any such behavior.  In the 6th grade we try to educate the students about how we can work as a community and individuals to help the targets of bullying behavior.  During this program we...

- the students will learn the difference between Teasing and Harassment.

- the students will learn 4 different ways they, as bystanders, can help a target of harassment.

- the students will learn how they can react appropriately if they are the target of harassment.

- the students will identify the feelings someone has when they are bullied.

- the students will learn how to anonymously report any bullying behavior.

- the students will learn how the spreading of rumors and excluding of others is an indirect form of bullying.