Q. Can you earn a High School diploma?
A. Allegan Alternative High School offers two diplomas, the Allegan High School diploma and the Michigan Merit High School diploma. Graduation requirements for both are outlined in the handbook. The GED is offered through Adult Education.

Q. What is a school day like?
A. The day operates much like a regular high school with 6 - 60 minute periods. The difference is in the style of teaching (we use a hands-on learning style). Classes have a less formal, more family-like atmosphere. Core concepts are broken down into small sections and a variety of teaching methods are used. Juniors and seniors are encouraged to attend the Technical Center. Technology is integrated in many areas and in a variety of ways.

Q. Are you part of the Allegan Public Schools?
A. Allegan Public Schools has two high schools - Allegan High and Allegan Alternative High. Bus transportation is provided for all districts students. Hot lunch is available for all students.

Q. Do you have a graduation ceremony?
A. Allegan Alternative High has its own graduation ceremony complete with cap and gown for all Alternative and Adult Education students who have completed the graduation requirements.

Q. How many students does your school have?
A. Allegan Alternative High has approximately 110 students with 85% of them coming from Allegan school district.

Q. Why do students come here?
A. The common denominator for all students is that they have failed some classes in the traditional setting. The reasons a student has failed vary - learning styles, absences, crises in their lives, choices made. This school gives a student "another choice and another chance" at being successful.

Q. What happens to a student who isn't successful here?
A. If a student is not successful during the day program other class choices include on-line classes or the GED through our Adult Education Program.

Q. Can a student return to the other Allegan High School?
A. If a student successfully completes classes and is recommended by the Principal for good behavior the student may return to the Allegan High School.